Meeting Time: July 15, 2019 at 7:00pm EDT
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    Jennifer Brandi 7 months ago

    Council members, please advocate for our park! The last meeting on this issue raised more question than answers - how many acres will be gone, how will it effect the natural eco-system, how will such a large building with countless acres covered in impervious surfaces effect surrounding homes, what will the water mitigation plan be? What happened to Hyattsville as "a world within walking distance"? It seems to have shifted to developing every last possible space.

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    Philip Timmerman 7 months ago

    i also hope the City Council will speak out against Magruder as a site for the HMS renovation. The renovation will be hard for the students, faculty, and staff at HMS no matter what the location. No reason to make it worse by losing a great park in the bargain. ~ 4200 block, Longfellow St.

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    Gautam Bastian 7 months ago

    We need to protect our parks! They are a wonderful accessible resource for all members of our community, including the students at Hyattsville Middle School. There is no question that the school should be rebuilt. The question is whether we will permanently and irrevocably destroy the unique forested area in Magruder Park. 369 people already support protecting the park from destruction. The council should take heed of this strong and growing opposition. ~Gautam Bastian, 39th Ave.

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    Michael Gorman 7 months ago

    I would like to see the City Council speak out against any possible plan to build the new HMS in Magruder Park, either in the recreational area or in the wooded area north and east of the ball field on 38th St. It is most definitely the case that those kids need a better and bigger school. No doubt about that! But the school can be rebuilt at the current location, and that would preserve the park for everyone, including HMS students! --Michael Gorman, 3500 block of Jefferson St.