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The City has selected six (6) actionable near and mid-term intiatives from the Speak Up HVL: 2017 - 2021 Community Sustainability Plan as potential budget initiatives for the FY-2019 Budget. Residents provided an additional twelve (12) initiatives at the Speak Up HVL: FY-2019 Budget Workshops. You may prioritize these intiatives in the Community Budget Priorities Survey

If none of these initiatives satisfy your budget priorites, please post and vote on additional ideas below! 

    Judy Riordon over 2 years ago

    What about a circulator shuttle that goes through Hyattsville with stops at Riverdale MARC, PG Plaza Metro, and Hyattsville West Metro? To begin, this could be only at rush hours like the one in University Park. It could cut down on traffic significantly and certainly save commuters on Metro parking fees.

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